Motion 39

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to ask you to prioratise motion 39 Examination Boards – League Tables and Performance Pay.

This motion was produced as a result of three very disturbing cases in two of our Westminster secondary schools. We believe these cases to be the tip of a very dangerous iceberg.

You may be aware of the suicide of our rep (Gary Kirk) on the first day of the Summer Term. It is our opinion that a significant factor in Gary’s suicide was the he was under unfair capability process. He had grave concerns over GCSE assessment and how this was being used.

We have two members in a different  VA school who raised issues to do with controlled assessment under the LEAs Whistle blowing policy. Subsequently both members have faced attempts to bring both disciplinary and capability process. We now find that OCR are intending to investigate examination malpractice on the teachers who made the whistle blowing allegation in the first place. The teachers have both been made ill as a result (one seriously).

Our motion has been placed in the Education General section (amongst 10 substantial general motions) as opposed to the Secondary Education. Consequently your support for this motion will be essential if we are to get it through to the debate.

We think the time for the NUT to take on the exam boards, and an examination system that is becoming ever more corrupt and ever more corrupting, has come.

No more teachers and no more students should have to die to keep examination boards in profit.

Prioratise this motion.

Westminster NUT