Joint NUT / NASUWT action

Members have voted in favour of both strike action, and action short of strike action to protect pay and working conditions. In the NUT’s ballot 91.6% voted in favour of action short of strike action and 82.5% voted in favour of strike action with a turn out of 27%.*

Press release joint action Unions release 25 instructions to members

As an Association and as members of  schools in different LEA, Dioces and  Academy chains we need to decide where our priorities lie and what actions and strategies will best protect our schools and our members pensions, pay and conditions. The 25 joint union instruction will need a collective response from individual schools. We urge reps to meet and discuss these instruction and your collective response.

We have already agreed some changes to our constitution in WTA that will enable us to appoint and provision officer posts reflecting these new structures. We now need to open the debate how to maximise the effects of local and National action in improving conditions for our teachers.Come to our meeting on 27 Sept and have your say in the strategy.