Happy Schools Network - responses

1 = unhappy

5 = happy

4 Team work, good CPD opportunities, well paid

4 The students are fantastic and it means you can really do what you wanted to do when you became a teacher - teach!

4 Good management of staff by head teacher.She is open, appreciative, trusting and will always back you up, when dealing with students and parent complaints about me following the discipline procedure.

4 High standards and clear expectations. Everybody works extremely hard and senior leadership are supportive and reward the effort that is put in. 

1 Heavy timetable, all non contacts on the same day, school does not admit behaviour problems. When forced to deal with issues sanctions are applied but inadequate and inefficient.  

1 Funding cuts and difficulties within the department with excessive useless paperwork to keep administration jobs instead support for teachers discouraged me to keep on working as a teacher for WAES

5 The best thing about my school is that we are always consulted on matters which affect the staff and the learning in the school. Our ideas are taken into account and we can see the effects of our contributions to the discussions on the outcomes.

3 Us plebs pull together really well. Sadly, the SLT aren't consultative and simply want, want, want.  However, colleagues (SLT apart as they think they are 'different') just get on amicably....

3 "staff are a wonderful team, energetic and lively which rubs off on the children. Senior management are very helpful, take on board what the staff have to say. 

People are unhappy with the workload the piles of unnecessary paperwork we pile through. People working very long hours and getting nothing in return in terms of pay rise, working conditions have detoriated in the 11 years I have been a teacher. "

2 Changes in Head Teacher and having no Head for half of the year, leadership putting pressure on all staff below them and imposing a huge workload with their poor management. 

3 Communication is quite often not good enough.